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Leave us be

Posted November. 26, 2022 07:20,   

Updated November. 26, 2022 07:20


Teaching profession is reportedly in decline. As the number of children decreases with online and TV-broadcast educational programs on the rise, many say fewer teachers will be needed. Teachers feel saddened when hearing such news. To them, it sounds like their species may be extinct soon.

Students mean so much to teachers, but teachers don't seem to mean as much to the students. Students should pay attention to more than one class and one subject. They are busier, more at a loss about the future, and more tired. One of the most hard-working students in my class skipped some classes because of illness and barely made it to school today with a pale complexion. I felt pain looking at that student's sick face as it seemed to represent both my past and future. I want to recite this poem to that student who was too busy to care for one's health. I want to recite this poem to all of us who have to go to work without drying the washed hair properly because there is just no time, who can eat any meal in five minutes and get going, and who continue working on one's commute via mobile messenger application.

Let's just leave the weed in the garden. Just like that, we want to leave ourselves be. Let's leave the bugs on the weed in the garden. Frankly, we want to leave ourselves just like that. Let's leave the ridge on the bugs on the weed. We desperately want to be left alone. We long for the freedom to do nothing and space out for a while. I want us to be able to allow ourselves that freedom. It would be grateful if the 20-year-old student Yeong-hyeon in my class gets well and does not get sick anymore.