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N. Korea only instigates confusion among S. Koreans fruitlessly

N. Korea only instigates confusion among S. Koreans fruitlessly

Posted November. 25, 2022 07:41,   

Updated November. 25, 2022 07:41


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong issued a statement on Thursday offensively describing the Yoon Suk-yeol administrate as an “idiot” and saying that she does not understand why South Korean citizens sit on their hands. She added, “At least when Moon Jae-in was at the helm, Seoul was not our main target,” seemingly intending to drive a wedge between the former and the incumbent South Korean administrations and threatening to aim at Seoul, the heart of the current government.

Kim Yo Jong, practically the regime’s No. 2 leader, made such explicitly intimidating remarks about Seoul, which is in line with a high-ranking North Korean official’s statement this April that main targets in Seoul will be destroyed devastatingly. Although it was 28 years ago that it threatened to drive Seoul into a sea of fire, the level of tension and urgency that its threats are elevating only feels palpable and real. Indeed, it has recently deployed forces specialized in operating tactical nuclear weapons closer to the forefront and fired ballistic missiles even right in the sea near Sokcho, South Korea.

Added to this, Pyongyang bluntly encouraged South Korean citizens to stage anti-government protests by asking them not to stay inactive. It is a clichéd attempt by the regime to take advantage of a group of anti-government protestors within South Korea and deal a critical blow to its incumbent administration. Even the regime's second-highest leader seems enthusiastic about instigating confusion and conflict across South Korea. It is no news that she makes such an embarrassingly rude comment. Back in August, she harshly denounced South Korean President Yoon's "Audacious Initiative” as all bollocks, saying she just loathed him for no good reason. This vulgar language only illustrates that they are fretting.

Pyongyang may likely use the unilateral sanctions imposed by Seoul, Washington, and Tokyo that are putting greater pressure on the regime as a pretext for its additional provocations, including a seventh nuclear test. However, it is a complete miscalculation that it believes it can affect South Korean citizens by inciting internal conflict and shifting the blame onto Seoul to justify its provocations. Such low-quality language per se is only a disgusting act of outright disgrace, just as put by the regime. It must realize that using sly schemes and spitting out vulgar comments is no different from cutting off its nose to spite its face.