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Prosecution raids headquarters of main opposition party

Posted November. 11, 2022 07:54,   

Updated November. 11, 2022 07:54


About the prosecution’s latest search and seizure on its headquarters, the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea lambasted the prosecution for barging into the headquarters with a shoddy warrant. The latest remarks from the Democratic Party of Korea came along with the rebuttals from the opposition party leader Lee Jae-myung and the party’s vice chief of staff Jeong Jin-sang, who each denounced the search as “a probe that is groundless and rigged” and “a political hunting by the prosecution.” In return, the ruling People Power Party retorted, saying, “The opposition party is bent on covering for their illegal activities.”

In a press conference on Thursday, Rep. Park Chan-dae of the Democratic Party of Korea said the search and seizure warrant was a fabrication, which did not even keep some basic facts straight. “The prosecution claims in their warrant that Mr. Jeong belonged to the civic group of Seongnam Citizens’ Meeting and worked as a manager at Lee Jae-myung’s office when he was practicing as a lawyer, but that never happened,” rebutted Rep. Park. About the fact that Lee’s name appears over 70 times in the warrant, the party’s spokesperson Kim Ui-gyeom also claimed that the prosecution is cramming Lee’s into the warrant, adding it is factually unfounded that Lee Jae-myung was involved in making orders to or receiving any reports from Jeong Jin-sang or Kim Yong, a deputy head of the opposition thinktank Institute for Democracy.

Chief Policymaker Cho Jeong-sik said it was a premeditated probe aimed at entrenching the prosecution’s dictatorship up to the general elections and the next presidential election by impeding the Democratic Party through an intentional investigation.

“Their attempt at saving Lee Jae-myung can never turn out to be a dramatic happy ending like the movie Saving Private Ryan,” the ruling party’s Emergency Response Committee Chairman Chung Jin-seok said during his meeting with reporters. “The lawmakers (of the Democratic Party) will continue to find themselves bogged down if they try to defend him. Cooperating with the investigation fair and square should be the right tactic.” Rep. Joo Ho-young, the ruling party floor leader, also dismissed the opposition’s claim of political retaliation, adding that the court issued the search warrant through a legitimate process.

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