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SK hynix develops LPDDR5X using high-k/metal gate technology

SK hynix develops LPDDR5X using high-k/metal gate technology

Posted November. 10, 2022 07:49,   

Updated November. 10, 2022 07:49


SK hynix has succeeded in developing the LPDDR5X mobile DRAM using the High-K/Metal Gate technology. This cutting-edge technology has been used for mobile DRAM devices for the first time.

The high-k/metal gate technology is the next-generation technology that reduces leakage current in the DRAM and increases capacitance, thereby increasing the processing speed of DRAM and reducing power consumption at the same time. This technology, which used to be applied to DRAM for server memories or graphic cards, has been first applied to DRAM for mobile devices.

SK hynix has begun mass producing LPDDR5X and supplying the products to the market. The device has a speed of up to 8.5Gps, 33 percent faster than the previous generation. This is the speed at which 15 5GB videos can be downloaded per second. The power consumption has been reduced by 25 percent, compared to the previous one, which is the highest power efficiency among mobile DRAMs on the market.

Mobile DRAM devices are used for mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablet PCs. These mobile devices have limited battery power, and it is critical to reducing DRAM power consumption to increase the battery life. A smartphone installed with the LPDDR5X has a longer battery life per charge. Because devices do not have to be charged so frequently, electricity is less consumed, and carbon emissions are reduced.

Low-power DRAM embedded devices are gaining more traction as ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) has become a new trend in semiconductor production. Since its mass-producing 18GB LPDDR5 in March 2021, SK hynix has been developing low-power mobile DRAMs.

SK hynix is adopting the ESG principle in designing and developing its products. “We are endeavoring to realize the value of ESG in all stages ranging from planning, designing, and developing,” said SK hynix Project Leader Cho Seong-gwon, who led the development of LPDDR5X. “Less time is spent for testing the product, and products can operate with minimal power.”

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