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The era of wearable technology is coming

Posted November. 09, 2022 08:11,   

Updated November. 09, 2022 08:11


Futuristic displays that you see in sci-fi movies that are portable, foldable, and stretchable are now one step closer to commercialization.

LG Display, Korea's global leader in display technology, announced on Tuesday that it succeeded in developing the high-definition "stretchable" display, which is emerging as the display of the future.

A stretchable display is also called the ultimate "free-form" display because it can be stretched, folded, and twisted freely. The prototype LG Display unveiled can be elongated as much as by 20% from 12 inches to 14 and features high definition just like any other regular monitor while offering RGB full-color display, all of which are the world’s first. Progress has been made in the technology, including Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, which also successfully developed electronic skin in June 2021 utilizing a stretchable display. However, LG Display's achievement is the first to feature high definition and RGB full color in a free-form display, just like a regular display.

Experts note that the unveiled display addressed technical hurdles for commercialization by making groundbreaking improvements in flexibility, durability, and credibility, three key technological features of a stretchable display. LG Display technicians raised flexibility significantly by adopting special silicone used in contact lenses and turning it into a highly flexible film-type substrate. They have also optimized the design from conventional straight-line wiring to S-line wiring to maintain the performance and features even when the display is folded or bent repeatedly.

Stretchable displays are thin and light and can be attached to curved or irregular surfaces such as skin, apparel, or furniture. The new invention is expected to usher in the era of wearable Information Technology that can be attached to the body or worn like clothes and is anticipated to be applied in a wide range of industries, including wearables, mobility, smart devices, gaming, and fashion.

Do-Young Kwak now@donga.com