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Poland's deputy PM: Korea has high chance for nuclear plant partner

Poland's deputy PM: Korea has high chance for nuclear plant partner

Posted October. 28, 2022 07:40,   

Updated October. 28, 2022 07:40


Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin said on Wednesday that Poland is going to launch its nuclear power plant project with South Korean partners soon, implying that there is a high chance that Poland will opt for Korea Hydro Nuclear Power (KHNP) of South Korea as a partner for a project led by private companies, even though U.S. firm Westinghouse Electric Corporation has initiated a lawsuit against KHNP.

Reuters reported that Mr. Sasin mentioned a possibility of a partnership with South Korea while discussing a nuclear power plant construction project led by a private energy company Zepak that would be pursued in concurrence with the government-led project. The private project is a construction project separate from the Lubiatowo-Kopalino project, through which the Polish government sets to build six nuclear power plants.

Although the Westinghouse brought an intellectual property infringement lawsuit against the KHNP’s export of nuclear power reactors, the Polish government expressed its intention to continue cooperating with South Korea on nuclear energy-related projects. According to the Polish local media, Mr. Sasin will visit South Korea soon to participate in the signing ceremony of the letter of intent (LOI) between the KHNP, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, and Zepak. However, Mr. Sasin said Westinghouse is likely to be chosen for the Polish government’s nuclear power plant project.