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Seoul opens eco-friendly ‘ethical fashion’ sale

Posted October. 24, 2022 07:47,   

Updated October. 24, 2022 07:47


The Seoul metropolitan city said Sunday that it would run a special sale campaign on ‘ethical fashion’ products for two days from Monday. Ethical fashion products refer to products whose producers fulfilled eco-friendly and ethical responsibilities in raw material selection, production, distribution, and purchase.

“We will introduce 23 products, including ‘vegan fashion’ products from six companies on ‘Cabin’s Raban,’ on Naver Shopping Live,” a Seoul city official said. Vegan refers to vegetarian alternatives such as cork leather instead of animal leather, including fur or angora. Upcycling refers to transforming trashed products into new ones.

The exhibition will showcase upcycled bags, which staff at recycling centers in Seoul have made with wasted firefighting gear, cardholders, key holders made of recycled plastic, and fashion accessories that adopt designs from daycare center art class.

Broadcasting on the sales campaign will be conducted for an hour each from 6:30 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, which will also be available if ‘Cabin Market’ is searched on Naver Shopping Live Channel. People can purchase products at 10 to 30 percent discounts from the original prices at the special sales event. For more information, please visit the socioeconomic social mall (hknuri.co.kr) run by the Seoul metropolitan city.