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Iranian prison in fire with protestors detained inside

Posted October. 17, 2022 07:35,   

Updated October. 17, 2022 07:35


A fire broke out on Saturday at Iran’s Evin prison, where dissidents and political prisoners are behind bars. Since a 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian Mahsa Amini died on Sep. 16 while in police custody for not wearing a hijab, anti-government protests have occurred nationwide; with even this notorious prison at risk, there is a growing likelihood of political unrest. It is not yet confirmed that the fire is directly linked to the ongoing anti-government movement. However, it was reported that some detainees shouted anti-government demonstrators’ chants in this correctional facility. Many of them have been detained therein for joining the protests.

According to Reuters, a series of gunshots and explosions were heard starting from 10 a.m. on Saturday. A witness told the news agency, "I can see fire and smoke. Lots of Special Forces. Ambulances are here, too.” Some prisoners chanted slogans including “Death to Khamenei,” which the anti-protestors on the street shouted out to call on Ali Khamenei, in power for 34 years since 1989, to step down while demanding an explanation for the suspicious death of the woman not wearing a hijab.

U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday expressed support for the anti-government demonstrations, “brave women” and citizens across Iran, saying that Iran must stop wielding violence against its citizens. He emphasized that all women across the globe deserve to choose what to wear, adding that no one has the right to regulate their clothes.

Iran was in a nationwide disturbance, with citizens marching and protesting against the regime Friday through Saturday. Britain-based Human Rights Activists News Agency announced on Friday that more than a month’s protests left 233 dead and more than 7,000 arrested.