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Yoon solicits opinions on deployment of strategic nuclear weapons

Yoon solicits opinions on deployment of strategic nuclear weapons

Posted October. 12, 2022 07:44,   

Updated October. 12, 2022 07:44


Regarding the growing demand for the re-deployment of strategic nuclear weapons in response to the advancement of North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats, President Yoon said he is currently “listening to the opinions from both South Korea and the U.S. and examining them.”

“Now is not the time to publicly announce my opinion as the president,” said President Yoon in his doorstepping sessions on Tuesday. “The ironclad alliance between Korea and the U.S. and security cooperation among South Korea, the U.S., and Japan will be utilized to build a strong response mechanism that will help us better prepared (for threats from North Korea).”

“Currently, North Korea is consistently developing and advancing its nuclear weapons and imposing threats to not only the Republic of Korea but also the entire world,” said the president. “There is nothing North Korea can acquire through nuclear weapons.”

President Yoon’s remark has been slightly tilted from the previous stance that drew the line regarding the re-deployment of strategic nuclear weapons. At the interview sessions marking his 100th day in office, President Yoon said that the Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) is a fundamental and essential premise for permanent global peace. “It is our priority to pursue effective and reinforced implementation of extended deterrence under any circumstances,” he said.

The attention is on whether President Yoon’s remark, which came amid the legislative pursuit for preemptive nuclear strikes and growing threats from North Korea and its continued ballistic missile provocations and strategic nuclear weapons attacks, will lead to a review of whether to allow nuclear arms use for South Korea. “It is too soon to make a public announcement, and no change has been made on this matter,” said an official from the Presidential Office.

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