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Thoughtful encouragement

Posted September. 09, 2022 07:29,   

Updated September. 09, 2022 07:29


Although this poet managed to pass the state examination to serve as an official over 40, he successfully worked to become the chancellor. He wrote and posted this poetry on the fence to describe what he thought of when he stepped to a test venue as a supervisor. Reminded of painful moments that he endured during the test, he made it clear that he still kept a beginner’s mindset with which he had promised to contribute for the sake of peace and prosperity across the state.

I came across a garden covered with royal foxglove leaves here and there once I walked into the test venue. The red gate was tightly closed to make a dreary and solemn vibe even deeper. I can now see a high level of tension and nervousness that I felt while struggling to fill in my answer sheet overwhelming all of you. Nevertheless, don’t let it get you down. It is all the pains I felt right here long years ago that helped me make it to this post and still remain determined to stick to the right path.

These lines not only imply how considerately he tried to encourage juniors while putting himself in their shoes but also guarantee that they will be fairly eval‎uated based on the principles of fairness and rigidity.

However, there was a man who failed the exam and was annoyed by ‘all these encouraging remarks’ by the poet. The poetry of seven words per line was tweaked to five words per line with the first two letters removed from each line. Then, let’s see how it works. “A dreary and solemn vibe with the garden covered with leaves. The red gate only looking deeper. Where he was left with tension and nervousness during the test. A beginner’s mindset just forgotten.” The last phrase was sarcastically edited to describe that the poet forgot where he came from. Likewise, a psychological gap from encouragement and sarcasm is just as wide as that between the test supervisor’s perspective and the examinee’s position.