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Evolving holiday food consumption patterns

Posted August. 22, 2022 07:51,   

Updated August. 22, 2022 07:51


Evolving food eating patterns of the younger generation is bringing changes to food sales ahead of the Chuseok holiday. Sales of beef and lobsters are replacing traditional holiday staples such as dried croaker and steamed ribs, while shine muscat and apple mangoes are more frequently bought than apples and pears.

According to Hyundai Department Store on Sunday, sales of beef from Aug 1 to 20, the booking period for Chuseok gift sets, grew 52 percent, tripling the growth of steamed ribs of 17 percent. Hyundai Department Store predicts that the share of beef would exceed 40 percent of Chuseok gift set sales for the first time this year.

The department store says that the palate of the young generation entering in their 30s or 40s are driving the change in holiday eating patterns. They are more open to preparing food that is easier and quicker, leading the change in traditional holiday eating. "Families enjoy camping or travels instead of gathering together at home," said an employee at Hyundai Department Store. “We are seeing a big surge in beef for grill or steak, which are easy to prepare and cook during travel.”

Such changes are also taking place in other food categories. Growth of shrimp and lobster (45%) exceeded traditional seafood categories such as dried croaker (38%). In the fruit category, sales growth of shine muscat and apple mangoes (76%) significantly exceeded growth of apples and pears (29%). Sales of high-end desert fruits have more than doubled every year, with growing expectations to take up more than half of overall fruit and vegetable sales for the first time this year.

Wine gift sets are also soaring, becoming popular gift items for the holidays. Sales of wine gifts sets at Hyundai Department Store during Chuseok holiday last year and Lunar New Year holiday this year increased 83.4 percent and 86.7 percent, respectively.