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The truth in the day-to-day life

Posted August. 22, 2022 07:51,   

Updated August. 22, 2022 07:51


“Yet is it beautiful to discover that there’s another chapter to the story, where we discover deep unity beneath, and supporting, the diversity of appearance. All colors are one thing, seen in different states of motion. That is science’s brilliant poetic answer to Keat’s complaint that science unweaves a rainbow.”

-Frank Wilczek, A Beautiful Question

Professor Frank Wilczek of physics, who was in the next building while I was studying abroad, won Nobel Prize in Physics. Everyone in school congratulated his academic achievements and rejoiced together. As a PhD student who struggled with tough problems in the lab, I also remember one late night when I was deeply touched with passion. I met Professor Wilczek again from the book ‘A Beautiful Question.’ I was getting growing attention from the academy from a few important findings. The more I received spotlight, the more thoughts I had about the truth meaning of research. The above part of the wordings from Maxwell’s diary gave me a deep resonance. I started to realize that today’s research of mine is to connect the knowledge built by past scientists with the humankind’s expectation of the future beyond time and space.

It is indeed so. The nature is a beautiful art piece and the truths hidden deep in nature are surprisingly inter-connected. Professor Maxwell puts the attributes of light and the meaning inside into electromagnetic formula. He opened the stage for the modern civilization by connecting electricity and magnetic into one which have been believed to be two different forces. Because we are limited, we look at the seemingly unlimited sky for hope. At times, we believe that in some astonishing scientific findings will be given talent or some other special moments such as Newton’s apple. However, the truth is always consistent like night and day, the life that comes and goes through the turn of seasons. The love and efforts over the seemingly not very special everyday life are built one after the other through research and furthermore are believed to lead lives to perfection. On the path of eternity, as a human being mimicking the divine process of the nature and as a scholar who studies the material that imitate life, I feel grateful to be able to do my best everyday in connecting between the limited and unlimited.