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Kakao to Implement metaverse based on interests

Posted June. 08, 2022 07:54,   

Updated June. 08, 2022 07:54


Kakao plans to promote a metaverse (three-dimensional virtual world) strategy called “Kakao Universe.” Under the plan, it will create a metaverse environment via ‘open links,’ where users are connected based on interests, thereby applying a metaverse concept to Kakao profiles, etc.

During an online press conference on Tuesday, Kakao CEO Namgoong Hoon said that the open link service was being prepared as the first step towards establishing a Kakao Universe. Open Link is a service where users with common interests in hobbies, places, and people can gather to communicate and enjoy. For example, users who visit Kakao Brunch run by a famous chef can share their interests in food by clicking the open link connected to the brunch and participate in events such as restaurant tours.

Kakao plans to add non-purpose communication elements so that Kakao Talk users can enjoy a variety of fun aspects other than the original purpose of the messenger. In the second half of this year, the profile feature will be completely overhauled so that users can express themselves in different ways with characters of their own and raise virtual pets. In addition to profiles, Kakao plans to expand the Kakao Universe by increasing entertainment-centered services across KakaoTalk, such as the Friends tab and Chat tab.

A plan has also been proposed to stretch wide across the current text-oriented Kakao services to include image, video, and virtual reality by pursuing collaboration with the Kakao community. Based on a super-giant artificial intelligence (AI) model, Kakao Brain will offer a service that allows anyone to easily create their own character (interactive AI), and a service that enables users to communicate with virtual characters as they do with their friends based on content (conversational AI). Neptune, a subsidiary of Kakao, is preparing to offer services based on an open metaverse platform ‘colorverse’ in cooperation with a Metaverse developer ‘colorverse.’ “Kakao Universe aims to create a world where all interests of the world are connected under one Kakao,” CEO Namgoong said.

Do-Hyong Kim dodo@donga.com