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Confirmed cases advised to get 3rd or 4th shot three months after infection

Confirmed cases advised to get 3rd or 4th shot three months after infection

Posted May. 13, 2022 07:55,   

Updated May. 13, 2022 07:55


The South Korean government recommended that confirmed cases of COVID-19 should get the 3rd or 4th vaccine three months after testing positive. Those who is expecting the 1st or 2nd jab are allowed the shot three weeks after infection.

The guidelines on COVID-19 patients’ vaccination schedule took effect on Thursday as per the nation’s expert group on COVID-19 vaccination. Previously, COVID-19 patients were not notified by the government of any recommended dosing schedule. It only gave a broad direction that confirmed cases can get an injection once they recover and are released from self-quarantine.

The intervals of vaccines for COVID-19 patients are set up based on how long natural immunity gained by infection can last. “Natural immunity is assumed to remain effective for more than three months given global trends and experts’ opinions,” said spokesperson Ko Jae-young for the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency. “The United States also advises an interval of three months between infection with the virus and vaccination.”

Those infected with the virus after getting the 2nd jab are supposed to get the next one three months after infection. Likewise, an interval of three months is required until they get the 4th shot. It is noted that there should be a four-month interval between the 3rd and 4th injections.

COVID-19 patients who await the 1st or 2nd jab can get vaccinated three weeks after infected. In this case, the 2nd vaccine must be injected eight weeks after the 1st one (three weeks applied in case of Novavax).

The government advises anyone who has been infected with COVID-19 to get more than one shot. Confirmed cases are allowed to get the 3rd or 4th jab if they insist although health authorities do not recommend it specifically. Only those of 60 and above can get the 4th injection. As of Thursday, 22.3 percent of this age group got the 4th injection.