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Biden signs Defense Lend-Lease Act in 81 years

Posted May. 11, 2022 07:54,   

Updated May. 11, 2022 07:54


U.S. President Joe Biden signed the Defense Lend-Lease Act on Monday, the first time in 81 years since the law was devised in 1941 during the Second World War. The act allows expedited military aid for support to Ukraine. On the same day, Russia launched a major attack on Odessa in the southern Ukraine near the Black Sea by firing three hypersonic missiles of Kinzhal. European Council President Charles Michel, who was visiting Odessa, was forced to take cover.

“The United States supports Ukraine’s fight to safeguard democracy and its country against Russian president Vladimir Putin’s cruel war,” said U.S. President Joe Biden at the White House as he signed the law. He also urged the U.S. Congress to approve the bill for additional budget to support Ukraine, pointing out that the budget to help Ukraine would be run out in 10 days.

The remaining budget to support Ukraine is around 100 million dollars, which would be depleted soon. The Democratic Party has decided to put a vote to the Ukraine budget totaling 39.8 billion dollars, which includes the 33 billion dollar budget requested by the president as well as budget for humanitarian aid, as early as Tuesday. State Department spokesperson Ned Price pointed out that Russia may hold a forged local vote in pro-Russian region of Donbas as basis to annex the country by force.

According to CNN and other media reports, Russian forces have launched missile attacks on Odessa all day on Monday. Onyx cruise missile and bombers were mobilized along with Kinzhal. Massive explosive sounds and fires were seen in a shopping center in downtown. Experts say that the attacks were made to block the supply of Western arms through Odessa and reached to Donbas. During his surprise visit to Odessa, European Council President Charles Michel highlighted Europe’s support for Ukraine.