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Differences in thoughts are only excuse made in complacency

Differences in thoughts are only excuse made in complacency

Posted May. 09, 2022 07:50,   

Updated May. 09, 2022 07:50


People have different opinions and thoughts. That is why we are taught even from elementary school an ethical lesson that we should respect one another. However, when we become grown-ups, we equate “respect” with “ignorance,” thinking that it is better not to argue. There was an online phenomenon where people make a personal argument and add the phrase “No rebuttal.” It has developed into an ungraded version where they add, “If you rebut my words, you win,” which translates into a line of thought to avoid any arguments assuming, “We won’t be able to communicate anyway. Move on and go think that you are right.” The reason why I see this phenomenon as unpleasant and inconvenient is that I believe that we all still live in the “same” universe.

It takes a bunch of money and time to stick to a refreshing level of individualism in real life. These resources are not evenly distributed to everyone. Ordinary people are likely to argue over rights and responsibilities. If “differences in thoughts” are admitted prematurely to skip the communication stage, what will follow then? If verbal communication fails, violence may follow. Otherwise, more votes earned even by one percent compared to those of competitors can bring about a triumph. “Due process” sometimes sounds like a lovely name assigned to violence in democratic society.

Personally, I work to kick a bad habit of escaping an inconvenient situation where I easily conclude that it is all about differences in thoughts not to think too hard and communicate. Any rebuttal welcome. We may end up facing a gap in opinions that is never narrowed following a long time of exhaustion and disillusion. However, the opposite can be the case, leaving us thinking that the gap is not an insurmountable issue.