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Behind the meaning of passion

Posted April. 23, 2022 07:22,   

Updated April. 23, 2022 07:22


The word ‘passion’ means a strong feeling of enthusiasm for something. Everyone thinks the word has a positive connotation but there is a twist to the word. It also contains the meaning of pain and suffering. It means that something we crave for causes us pain.

Sometimes the best thing is the most dangerous thing. The one you love the most sometimes hurts you the most. Someone you care the most is the one you should be afraid of. You are afraid that your loved one might be ruined or you might get hurt by that someone. Therefore, to love someone is a very dangerous and courageous act. It is about giving someone the right to hurt you.

Since I am not a surgeon but a liberal arts major, I rarely see injuries on the body. But I often see hurt feelings. Calluses on your heart are created by the hardships in life but scars on your mind are created by the ones you love. Scars caused by your family, lover, parents and friends are usually fatal and causes a lot of bleeding. Scars on your mind are just like the ones on your body. They can destroy you.

Consolation does not work for those with a sore heart. But it is necessary. I chose this poem as consolation. Those who do not cry have been hurt as much as those who cry. No one lives without pain and is free from pain. However, pain is sharp and consolation is dull. So I hope you hang in there.