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Security screening at the airport to be shortened to seven seconds

Security screening at the airport to be shortened to seven seconds

Posted April. 13, 2022 08:07,   

Updated April. 13, 2022 08:07


The security screening process will be shortened from 37 seconds to seven seconds by 2027, thanks to the introduction of cutting-edge screening technology, which allows passengers to slowly walk through instead of taking out laptops and prohibited items for security checks.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport announced on Tuesday that it established and finalized the Third Basic Plan for Air Transportation Security Measures (2022-2026).

The “walk through” method will be implemented in security screening process at airport. The ministry will invest 121.3 billion won to introduce cutting-edge technology that allows more effective security screening process without requiring passengers to take out laptops or liquid items from their bags.

With the commercialization of new air transportation such as urban air mobility, the ministry plans to prepare a plan to innovate aviation security technology by 2025. The ministry will spend 49.9 billion won to develop new security screening equipment specialized in new types of transportation, and drone detection and defense system will be established at Gimpo and Gimhae airports by 2026.

In light of growing cyber-attacks and intellectualization of hacking technologies, measures to respond to cyber threats against airports and airplanes will also be devised. Aviation security information, which are currently under the purview of different governmental and public organizations, will be managed under unified system, and the state of security-related accidents that are currently administered in writing will be digitized by 2023. Based on this system, the Korea-specific “Risk assessment and Management System” will be established by 2026.