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Prayer for a new spring

Posted April. 09, 2022 07:26,   

Updated April. 09, 2022 07:26


This work combines spring and prayer. One does not have to be reminded of Christianity just because this literature involves prayer. Prayer is eternal and is for everyone. Poet Han Yong-un, who was a Buddhist, was also a good prayer. Poet Joo Yo-han said “The Silence of Love” by Han Yong-un is the “prayer of love and the love of prayer.” As a religious person, Han Yong-un prayed in the way he knew best, namely, poetically.

Surprisingly, prayer can be a literature. It is one of the oldest forms of literature. In books, such as “Munshimjoryong,” prayer is described as a combination of a prayer to god and an oath to humans. Prayer is what we earnestly hope for, engrave in our heart, and swear on the future. It connects our present and the future. Prayer contains some kind of hope that connects impossibility with possibility. That is why we cannot help but pray. I have never seen a life so perfect that prayer is not needed neither in my life nor in a novel.

Today, I want to introduce a prayer for this spring. It is a poem written in hopes that the ice and darkness that filled the bones will go away and only life and green will be filled instead. As you read the poem, your body will be relaxed and your eyes will be brightened. Now that spring has come, so should we. An earnest prayer may not realize our wish, but what else can we do other than telling our prayers? We can only rely on the power of prayer that passed down from ancient times.