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Ukraine says killing of civilians a 'deliberate massacre'

Ukraine says killing of civilians a 'deliberate massacre'

Posted April. 06, 2022 08:09,   

Updated April. 06, 2022 08:09


As news about Russian troops’ massacre of innocent people in Bucha near the capital city of Kyiv has driven the rest of the world into a state of shock, there is growing evidence that Russia committed the mass-killing of civilians in other parts of Ukraine. The West World including the United States has started collecting evidence to put Russian President Vladimir Putin on trial for his involvement in wartime wrongdoings.

The Ukrainian government on Monday (local time) found the mayor of Motyzhyn, a village 45 kilometers west of Kyiv, and her family dead covered with sand, according to the Guardian. Residents of the village argued that the invaders tortured the mayor’s family to force them to locate Ukrainian artillery units before killing them, it reported.

Too many corpses of residents killed by Russian troops were found in Borodianka, Nova Basan and other small cities near Kyiv. Five civilians’ bodies were newly discovered with their hands tied behind their backs in the basement of a house in Bucha on Monday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned Russia for committing genocides, arguing that there is already information that many villages such as Chernihiv and Sumy in northeastern parts of the nation are seeing a higher number of victims. “The occupiers did things that the locals had not seen even during the Nazi occupation 80 years ago,” he said.

Ukraine has decided to establish a special judiciary body to inspect Russia’s war criminal acts and initiate a joint investigation of war crimes against humanity in cooperation with the European Union. U.S. President Joe Biden stated that it is important to collect convincing evidence to bring Putin to a trial for war crimes.

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