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Are Russian forces withdrawing or is it their strategy?

Posted April. 05, 2022 07:51,   

Updated April. 05, 2022 07:51


The Russian forces are withdrawing from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Large troops crossed the border and moved to Belarus. Is it a gesture to end the war? Or are they trying to reorganize the troops that lost fighting power to continue the war and take some rest? Are they going to attack Kyiv again after the reorganization? Or are they satisfied to hold the Ukraine forces down in Kyiv and turn their focus to the eastern front connecting Donbas and the Crimean Peninsula? It seems likely that the answer is the latter. Another strategy might be to focus their troops on the strategic hubs in the east and withdraw from the conquered territory on the western front to disperse the Ukraine forces while leading the Ukraine forces to certain areas to have a final battle.

Regardless, the first round of the war ended with Ukraine’s good defense and the Russian forces’ failure. The strategies of the Russian forces would be hard to succeed. The Ukraine forces and the Western countries are aware of Russia’s potential scheme and trying to enhance their troops and weapons. The Ukraine forces may become stronger at a faster speed than the Russians gaining their power back. Fiercer battles may take place on the eastern front after some time off.

Many people ask why the Russian troops fight so terribly. There could be many reasons, one of which is the lack of organizational capability. Their strategy is too distracted and their forces are too dispersed. Some wonder if the Russian troops do not have a unified command and strategy. Coordination between the air force and the army, the armor and the infantry, and the combined arms is poor. Is it because they underestimated the Ukraine forces? Or the lack of experience on battlegrounds? Or the dogmatism of President Putin?

A typical characteristic of an autocratic state’s military is the lack of cooperation. You might think that it should be the opposite. A strong power should make the military be in perfect order. It is the case for parades. However, an unjust power is warier of military unity. They divide the command, make generals hold each other in check, and separate units. There are many factors to wins or losses of wars but this is why the soundness of a system is important. Politics cannot be indifferent to the military. However, when politics get involved excessively, the military becomes weaker.