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Beautiful things disappear quickly

Posted April. 04, 2022 09:00,   

Updated April. 04, 2022 09:00


I have lived at a neighborhood in a far corner of Seoul for 30 years. People would call me ‘stupid,’ saying that it was impossible for me to earn money (through rising property price) in the first place. Come to think of it, one will become a rich person if he or she moves around and increases the size of home. If you ask me why I failed to relocate. You are mistaken. I chose not to rather than failed to.

There is a swimming poll right in front of my house. An indoor badminton court is sitting on the second floor in the building with the pool. If you just cross a pedestrian crossing, you can take a bike road. It means my village offers an ideal environment for working out. For this reason, my family members enjoy sports in the pool and court and ride the bike as we please. This has allowed to gain robust physical strength like a ‘witch.’

There is even bigger charm my village has to offer. It is a 4 kilometer-long walkway decorated with cherry trees. Cherry blossoms go into full bloom during the spring cherry blooming season every year like popcorns. The area is full of cherry blossoms. There is no reason to bother to take a long trip to the southern city of Jinhae in South Gyeongsang Province or Seoul’s Yeouido area jampacked with people to see cherry blossoms.

Beautiful things disappear instantly. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom only for three to four days. To not miss this period of flower feast, I walk through the walkway decorated with cherry blossoms every morning and evening. I take time out of busy schedules and even put aside chores for my own livelihood. As a poet said, I immersed into the moment and fully enjoy as if I am taking vacation from the earthly world. You may ask me what the fuss with cherry blossoms is, saying I will come to see them again next year anyway. But you have experienced in person and learned the hard way through the Covid-19 pandemic. We lost normality, which had been taken for granted. We have lost nearly three years without having chances to meet with other people and take trip. Who can guarantee that we will have another chance if we miss this year’s cherry blossoms blooming beautifully?

Cherry blossoms will go into full bloom soon. Looking up the tunnel of cherry blooms, I will be all smiles. Do you ask me to leave this paradise and move to a different area? I am sure you are more stupid than me.