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Whistle stop

Posted April. 02, 2022 07:31,   

Updated April. 02, 2022 07:31


Wondong Station, located in Wondong Village, must not be a transit hub considering that it is described as a way station. Obviously, the village must not be a hectic area. Self-proclaimed pro travelers portray this place as an incredibly adorable spot with apricot flowers blossoming picturesquely every spring. However, this poetry skips scenes of an incoming crowd of visitors and apricot flowers fluffing up just like clouds. The author’s main focus is not flowers but Wondong Station. It does not take any blossoms to define this station. The poet depicts the station not as one of the most-visited tourist attractions but as a mere whistle stop per se that has long stayed here. Truly, this poetry is filled with affection for this humble and cozy place.

It takes much care, effort and time to feel attached to a place. Born and raised in a neighborhood near Wondong Station, the poet must have visited and adored many parts of the hometown. In the meantime, the station has started having a special place in the author’s heart. Standing in silence for so long, this way station comes across as a beloved place characterized by adorable and humble charms as described in this poem implying, “You remind me of this lovely and precious station.”

The poetry associates violets and Wondong Station. At a closer look, you may realize that the author is supposed to be with these valuable beings. If you feel attracted to someone or something, you find yourself becoming just like your object of admiration over time and vice versa. A good observer of violets has a flower garden filled with these tiny purple blossoms deep inside the person’s heart.