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Biden backtracks on his comments about Russian regime change

Biden backtracks on his comments about Russian regime change

Posted March. 29, 2022 07:51,   

Updated March. 29, 2022 07:51


U.S. President Joe Biden backtracked on his comments made the previous day about Russian President Vladimir Putin, which suggested he was seeking regime change in Russia. This was in response to a growing criticism in the U.S. and the West about his remarks that was called “terrible mistake” among a series of disasters remarks made about the Ukraine crisis.

Returning from his Europe trip on Sunday (local time), President Biden denied that he was calling for regime change in Russia at a church in Washington, D.C.

During his speech in Poland, President Biden said Putin “cannot be allowed to exercise power,” suggesting the need to oust Putin. French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, however, criticized the remarks, saying that the leaders of the West should refrain from making comments that could escalate tensions. They meant remarks like that could give Russia an excuse to escalate the nuclear threat on the grounds that the West is supporting Ukraine.

“With nine ad-libbed words at the end of a 27-minute speech, Biden created an unwanted distraction,” The Washington Post (WP) reported. Republican Congressman Mike Waltz said President Biden has to be taken seriously as the commander in chief, adding his remarks are adding more fuel to Russian propaganda and “it could actually backfire to make Putin stronger internally.”

This is the third time that President Biden has come under fire for his gaffe on the Ukraine crisis. At a press conference marking his first year in office on Jan. 19, President Biden was criticized that he approved Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by saying if Russia mounts a “minor incursion,” it would met with a small-scale response. On Mar. 24, President Biden caused a stir again by saying NATO would respond in kind if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Some say President Biden’s “regime change” remarks may be a “calculated mistake,” which has taken into account the hardline stance in the U.S.

In a poll conducted by the NBC News on Sunday, 82 percent of Americans said the war in Ukraine will ultimately result in the use of nuclear weapons and 74 percent said U.S. troops will end up fighting in Ukraine. Only 28 percent answered positively to a question if they believe President Biden will properly deal with the Ukraine crisis.