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Up to 500,000 won to be offered for family care leave due to Covid-19

Up to 500,000 won to be offered for family care leave due to Covid-19

Posted March. 21, 2022 07:57,   

Updated March. 21, 2022 07:57


Employees who have used family care leave due to the Covid-19 pandemic will receive up to 500,000 won (about 411 U.S. dollars) from the government.

The Labor and Employment Ministry said Sunday it will start receiving applications for ‘emergency subsidy for the cost of family care due to Covid-19.’ Employees who have used a family care leave to take care of a family member infected with Covid-19 this year are entitled to the subsidy. Even if employees did not have an infected family member, they are eligible for a family care leave due to distance learning, school closing or kindergarten closing for their child at second grader or aged eight or younger. Employees are also eligible for the subsidy if they have a handicapped child aged 18 or younger.

Up to 50,000 won (about 41 dollars) for the maximum 10 days will be offered per day per employee. An employee who is working 20 hours or less a week will be paid 25,000 won (20.5 dollars) per day, with hourly rate workers receiving the subsidy in proportion to the employee’s average daily working hour. For example, an employee who is working five hours or longer per day can receive 6,250 won (5.14 dollars) per hour or 31,250 won (25.7 dollars) per day. An employee who has used up the family care leave already this year is also eligible.

An employee is allowed to take an unpaid family care leave for up to 10 days per year. Employees can use the leave by the day, and those who have worked no more than six months are also entitled to the leave. If those who have used an unpaid personal leave already, they can switch the leave into a family care leave in consultation with the employer to apply for the subsidy. An employer who denies providing such a leave without a justifiable cause can be fined up to 5 million won (about 4,110 dollars).

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