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Wonder of spring wind

Posted March. 18, 2022 07:52,   

Updated March. 18, 2022 07:52


A willow tree standing tall like a beautiful woman. The spring wind blow between the slender branches of a weeping willow. New green leaves sprout along the passage of the wind as if cut out by a pair of scissors. Listening to the voice of the poet marveling at a touch of nature, one cannot help but let out an exclamation at the gentle movement of green willow leaves and the ethereal skills of the spring wind. The liveliness of new spring sprouts in the marvel of the spring wind bringing the beauty of new lives. The feast of refreshing spring is coming before spring flowers blossom.

He Zhizhang who was great at depicting ordinary everyday life with a child-like perspective enjoyed drinking quite a lot. He was so free-spirited as to ‘sit in front of the owner of an unfamiliar villa because a forest and spring were beautiful.’ It was only natural that he and Li Bai who had a broad-minded nature met and hit it off.

During their first meeting, he was fascinated by Li Bai’s poems and personality and called Lee Bai Ban Xian, which means an immortal who was banished to the mortal world. He Zhizhang is probably known better for recognizing Li Bai’s talent as a poet, rather than his own poetic achievement. A story is told that the two did not have money so He Zhizhang had to put his golden turtle, which is a marker for a high official, up for collateral for drinks. “He Zhizhang drunk on a horse sways from side to side as if he is on a boat. He falls into a well when his view becomes blurred but falls asleep on the ground,” Du Fu described He Zhizhang’s love for drinks.