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Biden convenes National Security Council meeting on Ukraine

Biden convenes National Security Council meeting on Ukraine

Posted February. 21, 2022 07:44,   

Updated February. 21, 2022 07:44


Heavy artillery bombing continued to occur focusing on the eastern Ukraine region of Donbas where pro-Russian militias are partially occupying, which left Ukraine soldiers killed. U.S. President Joe Biden convened a National Security Council meeting Sunday by issuing an emergency statement, saying, “I am certain that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered invasion”

Ukraine’s defense ministry said on the day two government soldiers were killed and four others were injured due to artillery strikes by pro-Russian militias. Pro-Russian militias said, “Ukraine troops’ strikes are imminent,” ordering the entire militias to mobilize forces and residents to evacuate. The Russian state of Rostov adjacent to Donbas declared a state of emergency and opened 15 border crossings. “We will deploy peacekeeping troops to Donbas if necessary,” Stanislav Zas, Secretary General of the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), told Reuters. Russian President Putin inspected a military drill involving ultra-supersonic ballistic missiles capable of loading nuclear warheads, intensifying pressure on Ukraine.

The U.S. and Europe have made a string of statements suggesting that countdown has begun for Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. “Russia’s plan to invade Ukraine has effectively started already,” U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on the day. “All signs suggest Russia’s full-blown strike,” said Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).