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YouTube channel films hilarious musical performances by comedians

YouTube channel films hilarious musical performances by comedians

Posted February. 15, 2022 07:51,   

Updated February. 15, 2022 07:51


There is a YouTube channel that shows slightly-off performances of leading musicals filmed on live. Actors exhibit top-level singing and acting performances for the musical contents, and real musical actors, at times, make appearances as well. The channel is named “Musical Star,” created by YouTube channel “Bbang-song guk.” Musical star has exceeded 3.5 million accumulated views for its 14 videos uploaded since November. Your reporter met Kwak Boem (age 36), Lee Chang-ho (34), YouTube producers and former comedians at KBS.

The two actors strive to sing like musical actors but sing off-key with imperfect pronunciation. Singing sounds like crowing of a rooster as the actors earnestly sing on top of their lungs. You can’t help but laugh as you read the caption: “Your kind understanding is appreciated as we hadn’t had food for a while”.  

Sometimes real musical actors make appearances. They are ‘the real actors that excel despite adverse conditions.’ Musical actor Kai and Chung Sun-ah sing musical numbers they had sung on stage. Musical actor Ivy had nearly made an appearance.  

Though it had not been intended, Musical Star promoted the musical business as well. They feel rewarding when they find a comment that says “I booked the musical after watching your video’.  

Comedies share common ground with musicals in that they perform on stage. Musical Star was not created on a whim - it was born out of need as standup comedy shows were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ji-Hoon Lee easyhoon@donga.com