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Recycling deposit of 300 won to be charged for disposable cup use

Recycling deposit of 300 won to be charged for disposable cup use

Posted January. 25, 2022 08:08,   

Updated January. 25, 2022 08:08


Effective from June 10, consumers will be required to pay 300 won as recycling deposit when using disposable cups made of plastic and paper at large coffee franchises and fast-food stores. The deposit will be returned in cash or money transfer when the cup is returned. The Ministry of Environment announced on Monday that the Enforcement decree on the Promotion of Resource Conservation and Recycling will be pre-announced for 40 days from Tuesday.  

Coffee, beverage, bakery, fast-food chains with more than 100 stores will be subject to the new regulation, including around 38,000 stores at Starbucks, Paris Baguette, Lotteria. The deposit will be returned not only at the store of purchase, but other stores in which the regulation is applied. Customers can scan the barcode on the cup at deposit machines installed at stores, which will refund money in either cash or account transfer. An app will be required to receive the transfer.

The Ministry of Environment explained that the deposit value was determined reflecting the results of a public survey, averaging the value by customers (340 won) and stores (around 300 won) to undertake. The design of the disposable cups introduced at stores will change as well. Transparent PET will be used as material used for plastic cups, and printing will not be allowed, which will help boost recycling.

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