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Sharing of rice pot

Posted January. 22, 2022 07:26,   

Updated January. 22, 2022 07:26


The chill may get you cold severely when you are hungry. Neither your school nor YouTube teaches you this crystal-clear truth. This lesson can be learned only when you happen to hear from someone else who has been starved really bad suffered a fierce cold or when you get so hungry that you can realize it on your own. Just a spoon of well-cooked rice warms you up and calms your stomach when you feel hungry on a winter evening. Rice sometimes means more than just the staple for Koreans.

We eat every day to survive but some meals have great significance. That is why we never forget some meals – a bowl of rice porridge that I was offered when I was sick, a rice soup that someone bought me when I looked really bad and a meal prepared by my mother that I used to take for granted but now wish that I could have once again.

This poetry also describes a bowl of rice that has a special place in someone’s heart. A lunch box arranged with much care by the poet is offered to wild animals in the mountains. As the food is shared with so many of them, it gives the animals blood and milk. Technically saying, it is how they are nourished by sharing food. However, we put this poetry into a fresh perspective. It is how a warm heart is shared. Many precious lives are saved and fed by sharing of love by those warmhearted who prepare and offer a lunchbox. All such a winter mood reminds me of a rice pot heated with care and love.