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Channel A’s ‘Urban Fishermen’ to be issued as an NFT

Channel A’s ‘Urban Fishermen’ to be issued as an NFT

Posted January. 19, 2022 07:49,   

Updated January. 19, 2022 07:49


Channel A’s entertainment TV show “Follow Me, Urban Fishermen” will be issued as a non-fungible token (NFT). The popular fishing television show, starring Actor Lee Deok-hwa and Comedian Lee Kyung-kyu, is currently on season 3.

Channel A and Treasures Club, an NFT art generative art project, announced on Tuesday that they would use the intellectual property rights of the “Urban Fishermen” to create South Korea’s first generative art NTF, which they plan to issue at the end of February. Generative art is an artwork created by AI algorithm using coding technology. For example, if a user feeds an image inspired by the “Urban Fishermen” into the computer, the computer will randomly generate new images with unique designs. Some 5,000 NFTs based on the TV show will be minted and sold through the NFT platform “OpenSea.”

A metaverse map will also be produced using the intellectual property rights of the “Urban Fishermen.” Treasures Club plans to create its own metaverse platform where it will provide “maps” of various contents including the “Urban Fishermen.” The newly minted NFT of the TV show can be exchanged for various items in the metaverse.

“The association of the TV show with NFT will enable us to expand Channel A’s intellectual property,” read the broadcasting company’s statement. “We will provide our viewers with creative contents and novel approach.” Treasures Club also stated its hope that its joint venture with Channel A to connect NFT with metaverse further facilitates NFT trade.

Treasures Club issued 3,021 NFTs of the movie “Special Cargo” as part of its NFT project in collaboration with J Science, an IT startup, which were sold out in a second. It will also produce a total of 7,777 different NFTs of Kakao Page’s original webtoon “The Soulless Duchess” on Saturday.