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First day of new calendar

Posted January. 01, 2022 07:42,   

Updated January. 01, 2022 07:42


You are destined to face endless deaths in online gaming. This is the key to building on experiences and improving attack skills. Ironically, virtual characters can live forever in the world of games where you are supposed to die to survive. Nevertheless, the reality is the opposite. Everything comes along just once. Birth happens once. You only have one first love experience. Likewise, the moment of death is a one-time event. That may explain why you may sometimes wish that you could reset everything that has ever occurred in your lifetime.

If you could start all over again, regrets and lingering feelings would have no place in your heart. Your life will twinkle and shine at a starting point. Of course, you are already aware that it will never happen. That is why you celebrate the start of a year so it holds a special significance. The first day that you meet on the first page of a calendar makes you feel refreshed as if you were given a new life. All days of the years lived come back once again including spring, summer, solar terms and anniversaries. In short, Jan. 1 is a small reset that you can come across.

Leave behind any pain and agony that you suffered last year. Skip the question whether it is possible but go start anew. That is how you are supposed to celebrate the first day of a new year. All you need is positivity and companionship, not cynicism nor self-criticism. Poet Kim Nam-jo bows her head to pray to share the power of love and patience of the next year. Jan. 1 is the perfect day for wishes and hopes. That makes it so special.