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Morning covered with snow

Posted December. 25, 2021 07:28,   

Updated December. 25, 2021 07:28


You had better be good if you want a gift from Santa Claus. My little boy repeats asking me a million times a day, “Will Santa send me a gift?” His pure question leaves me with mixed feelings because he will receive a present even if he is not a good boy but all good grown-ups who used to be good kids will not get any Christmas gift anyway. I wish you to feel some degree of warmth at least on Christmas Day. That is why I introduce you to this incredible poem “Morning covered with snow,” which will make you as happy as kids who long await Santa Claus.

Although it is a heavy snow overnight, the poet does not directly describe whitened sceneries next morning following a snowy night but says that his mother must have dropped by at night. Rather than portraying a field with piles of soft snow, he writes that a gift from his mother sits on earthen jars. Aha, maternal love must have transitioned into snow falling from the sky! It is the moment of a miracle. The world seems filled with all the love that I have received throughout my lifetime. It is the warmest snow in the warmest winter that I have ever seen before.  

Kim Hyun-yi, a critic, once said that white color is not only a hue of salvation but also a symbol of love. This may well explain why we wait for a snowing day as if we longed for being saved. All I want for Christmas is not Santa Claus with gifts in his sack but my mother who means everything in the world to me and pours all her heart out to me just as snow falls heavily from the sky. If she came to see me, it could not be better.