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No one tells me where the forest and marshes are

Posted December. 20, 2021 07:39,   

Updated December. 20, 2021 07:39


“There is no one in this world who tells me where the forests are, where the marshes are,” from the song “Dream,” song and lyrics by Cho Yong-pil.

The lyrics from the song “Dream” by Cho Yong-pil are quite familiar to mid-aged music fans. I personally had not known what the lyrics meant, but recently the words resonate more than ever. I get emotional thinking how the words aptly capture the way of life.

A few years ago, a wise mentor that I had always looked up to passed away. When I was faced with an obstacle or question, I would always call or meet in person to seek his advice. He would always give very clear and grateful advice.  

After he passed away, I lost the go-to person I needed for advice. I was on my own to make all the decisions. I had heard countless times that the most crucial moments and challenges had to be made on one’s own. I studied hard and listened to others’ advice to make good judgement. I made careful decisions every moment and did my best to get the best results. However, the results did not meet my expectations. There were many moments when I regretted or disliked my decision.  

They say that as you age, you become wiser. However, I feel like there are more moments when I am staggering to see ahead, as if I am walking in the mist, faltering on every step. Living in an age where satellite navigation shows you the right way in a new location, where artificial intelligence advises you based on previously accumulated data, I wish for a wise person where I can go to for advice, get solutions and be shown what the optimal solutions are. Perhaps that wise person can show me “where the forests and marshes are,” enlightening like a streak of light in the dark.