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Emergency healthcare is in state of emergency

Posted December. 20, 2021 07:40,   

Updated December. 20, 2021 07:40


The number of new daily Covid-19 patients under intensive care surpassed 1,000 for two consecutive days. According to the disease control authority, the number of Covid-19 patients under intensive care stood at 1,025 as of 12 a.m. on Sunday. Since the start of ‘With Corona’ policy, confirmed cases have surged, and patients with severe illness is increasing rapidly. The number of patients with severe symptoms stood at 343 on November 1, the first day of ‘With Corona,’ but surpassed 700 a month later. The number topped 800 a week later, 900 six days later, and 1,000 four days thereafter.

Strong quarantine measures that restrict the number of people at private gatherings and the operating hours of public facilities started on Saturday, but the effect will likely appear two to three weeks later. According to data released by the National Institute of Mathematical Sciences on Wednesday, the number of patients with severe illness is projected to hit 1,147 two weeks after Level 4 social distancing, which includes limiting the number of people at a private gathering to four or less is put in place.

The government is concerned about looming problems in treatment of non-Covid-19 patients. In realty, emergency rooms at hospitals are packed with Covid-19 patients, making it difficult for patients of other diseases requiring intensive care and emergency care to receive treatment. “If someone gets injury due to accident, it could be difficult for the patient to receive proper emergency treatment,” experts say. “To avoid accident, people have no other choice but to stay put at home.”

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