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Like a flowing river

Posted December. 13, 2021 07:46,   

Updated December. 13, 2021 07:46


Law is practical in that it resolves everyday conflicts, but the study of law itself is quite complicated. The definition of the elaborate concept itself is the alpha and omega of the studies. Jurists with strong conceptual foundations are very precise; they do not allow exceptions. Everything is clearly defined and there are no gray borders. For example, you cannot love and hate a person at the same time. Hence laws exist- the world is so intricately complicated and vague that we cannot move forward unless there is certain definition of justice. At the same time, these are the limitations of law. Humans are not simple beings that can be defined as good/evil, righteous/unrighteous.  

I was first moved by the fact that studying law helped me understand the ways of the world, but my thoughts changed. Laws are not tools to help learn the ways of the world, it exists to simply support the world. Nothing in the world can accurately define the ways of life. The world is a massive flow that cannot be simply defined.  

I came to understand Radbruch’s words as a jurist. We can only perceive the course of our life, which is not easy either. We need to focus on whether we are headed in the right direction, otherwise we might be swept away by unrighteousness. Based on my career experience, good seemed to suffer in the face of evil in concrete disputes. But in the longer run, good stands a high chance of winning, as good heads for the greater cause. The key is to stay alert and seek to go forward, never staying in the same place. If you get lost in seeking good and justice, you will find yourself in misery.