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Three men retire early after earning $3.36 million from cryptocurrency investment

Three men retire early after earning $3.36 million from cryptocurrency investment

Posted December. 01, 2021 07:45,   

Updated December. 01, 2021 07:45


Kang Ki-tae, Kil Si-young, and Han Jeong-soo, three friends of same age, retired from big investment corporations they worked at. They used to be typical young adults who just began their careers until just three months ago with a total net worth of a meagre 50 million won, with which they had repaid student loans or invested in stocks.

With their investment in cryptocurrency with a loan of 100 million won hit a jackpot, the three millennials became super-rich all at once with a net worth of 3 billion to 4 billion won. Even though their parents and seniors at the company urged them to “buy an apartment in Gangnam, Seoul,” or “keep working for the company,” the three friends did not act upon the advice.

Instead, they founded Alpha Cube Partners, a company that selects, invests in, and provides consulting for start-ups, and Youth Consulting Association, which helps college students and those who are finding a job. “Cryptocurrency investment offered us a chance to commit to our long-held dream, which we have always dreamt of but did not dare to take the challenge. After leaving the company, life feels much faster,” said the three young men.

Their dreams are to create an ecosystem, through investment, education, and donation, an ecosystem where the youth grow up together. YCA selects two young people every year it thinks leading a proactive life and provides a scholarship of 5 million won. Alpha Cube Partners has invested a total of 110 million won to the Association of Individual Investors in Jeju Island to create an environment conducive to the development of start-ups in Jeju Island. Its objective is to become a “company builder” that provides aids and investment to young people with brilliant ideas or technology but have no money so that they can start a company.

The three men are also continuing cryptocurrency investment. Mr. Kil has invested 90% of his net assets of 3 billion won in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Mr. Kang has invested 60% of his assets in cryptocurrency including Altcoin, NFT, and foreign stock market.

Despite a large fluctuation in cryptocurrency value in recent months, these 29-year-old men believe that cryptocurrency investment is promising in in the long term. “I cannot say for certain that you can definitely make money within three months by cryptocurrency investment,” said Mr. Han. “But I advise you to start as early as possible cryptocurrency investment to reap the benefit in five to ten years ahead.”

“What is the best thing when you are freed from worrying about money? You can spend the biggest share of your time in what you want to do the most. That is why investment is critical, under one condition: that you do not recklessly chase yields from a single item and do not become a flipper.”