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Gov’t considers administering booster shots for all normal adults

Gov’t considers administering booster shots for all normal adults

Posted November. 22, 2021 07:20,   

Updated November. 22, 2021 07:20


With the COVID-19 pandemic only worsening across South Korea, many experts raise their voice for the need to expand booster shot vaccination for all normal adults. Jeong Eun-kyeong, director of the Korea Disease Control Agency (KDCA), acknowledged on Friday that citizens aged 18 to 49 need to get a booster shot, implying that it will be under review soon.

“The rationale behind booster shots for normal adults is that it can help prevent young generations with active social contact from being infected to transmit the virus to older citizens including their parents,” said a government official on Sunday. At the center of the ongoing COVID-19 across the nation are older generations and high-risk groups who got fully vaccinated in the first half of the year.

Health authorities assume that healthy younger citizens who have just recently got vaccination completed are less likely to come down with COVID-19. Nevertheless, they consider administrating booster shots for those aged 18 to 49 so as to protect those prone to COVID-19 infection. It is likely that healthy adults will be advised to get a booster shot five months after full vaccination.

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