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33-year-old Nintendo game pack sells for 100 million won

33-year-old Nintendo game pack sells for 100 million won

Posted November. 02, 2021 07:33,   

Updated November. 02, 2021 07:33


An unopened, brand new Super Mario Bro 1 game pack manufactured in 1988 was sold at a U.S. auction on Saturday (local time) at 88,550 dollars (around 106.26 million won), according to CNN reports. Secondhand products have been unpacked are currently sold at 20 dollars (24,000 won), but the unopened version sold at prices around 4427 times higher.  

Harritt Group, a real estate and auction company, recently discovered the game pack disposing a home for an owner that had passed away in Northeastern Indiana. The closets of the home had been filled with classic Nintendo games and the Super Mario Bro 2 game pack had been in excellent condition and assigned with A+ grade at the appraisal. The game pack was purchased by an entrepreneur living in southern Florida.  

Experts say that there is growing demand for high value items following greater liquidity after COVID 19. In July this year, an unopened game pack of Super Mario 64 manufactured in 1964 was sold at 1.56 million dollars (around 1.872 billion won), the highest price sold for video game packs.