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What to keep in mind when you love someone

Posted October. 18, 2021 09:28,   

Updated October. 18, 2021 09:28


The opening sentence is always the most difficult for a writer. It’s more challenging to build a good one – it must hint what is to come, hold messages and leave a strong and impressive mark. It is close to magic to come up with a sentence like that with a few easy words.   

The opening sentence of the book Misery, which starts off with “No. one, I’m your No. 1 fan” makes readers doubtful of the character’s nature. Readers predict that the story will be a game of survival by the No. 1 fan, which turns out to be true. “Insane acts of a stalking fan” might sum up the story of the book  

I was gripped by suspense while reading the book. Annie’s evil acts carried out as a fan was truly terrifying, as if she was standing right over my shoulder. I noticed only after the story ended how the opening sentence had aptly captured what was the come. I put myself in the shoes of a ‘No. 1 fan’ after closing the book, asking myself whether I was keeping the right distance in loving someone.

Whenever I admire someone like a fan, I always think of the opening sentence of this book. I ask myself whether I’ve stepped over the line, considering “adequate distancing” as a threshold. As long as keep to the threshold, I know that the Annie inside me will stay put.