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Lee Jae-myung emphasizes on ‘one team’ tradition

Posted October. 16, 2021 07:26,   

Updated October. 16, 2021 07:26


The presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Korea, Lee Jae-myung, calls for the party’s unity at a general meeting of the party members held on Friday at the National Assembly building by saying that the Democratic Party of Korea has a ‘one-team’ tradition. It was the first official meeting for Lee and the members of the party to meet each other since Lee was elected as a presidential candidate on Sunday.

“We will overcome small differences and small conflicts during the period of competition, turning them into bigger energy to win the presidential election,” said Lee at the meeting. It was his gesture of unity regarding emotional disputes with the party’s former leader Lee Nak-yon during the election to elect the party’s presidential candidate. “While we tend to be afraid of differences, cement alone is not enough to make concrete, so to speak,” said Lee. “When we acknowledge and respect each other and stay together, one plus one becomes three and four, not two, and build bigger power.”

It was also revealed that Lee and the former leader talked to each other on the phone on Wednesday when the two accepted the election result. “I was advised to call after things are settled at the working level, however, I disagreed and called him on Wednesday,” the elected candidate said. “I thought he would not answer but he called me back a bit later and told me what we would do together for the party and shared encouragement.” He also added that the former leader said the two should meet together after the National Assembly audit to discuss what to do going forward. “I was sincerely moved by his grace and generosity. I will learn from him who is an outstanding senior member and leading figure of the party with broad political experiences.”


Song Young-gil who caused controversy by comparing the supporter of the former floor leader to the member of Ilbe, an extreme right online community, apologized and emphasized the need for unity as ‘one team.’

“I called the former leader to share my words of consolation and listen to his side of the story,” said Song at a Supreme Council meeting held on Friday. “I would like to express consolation regarding his supporters’ hurt and disappointment. In my approach to point out some extreme behavior, inappropriate comparison and expressions were used.”

The general meeting of the party was attended by over 120 members out of a total of 169, excluding those who missed it due to the National Assembly audit, etc. The attendees welcomed Lee with applause and cheer and Lee vowed deeply to the members three times after 15 minutes of speech. He shook hands with every attendee and shared well-wishing remarks as he left the meeting room. In particular, he hugged Sul Hoon who served as the co-chair for the former leader’s election preparatory committee and mentioned Lee’s possible imprisonment.