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Kim Yeon-koung chosen as a model for bakery chain   

Kim Yeon-koung chosen as a model for bakery chain   

Posted August. 28, 2021 07:16,   

Updated August. 28, 2021 07:16


South Korean volleyball star Kim Yeon-koung, who is nicknamed “Bread Sister,” has become a model for a bakery chain. SPC Group said on Friday that they chose Kim as a model for their bakery brands Paris Baguette and SPC Samlip. Kim, who led the South Korean women’s volleyball team to the quarterfinals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, recently announced her retirement from international play.

“Bread Sister” is a nickname fans gave Kim as a swear word Kim unintentionally spits out during games sounds similar to bread (pronounced sikbbang in Korean). After the Tokyo Olympics, there were many comments posted with photo-shopped images of Kim wearing Paris Baguette uniform in online communities that it would be nice if Paris Baguette picked Kim as their model. In addition to a commercial, Paris Baguette and SPC Samlip are planning to carry out a variety of marketing activities, such as launching products named after Kim Yeon-koung.