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The world for freedom

Posted August. 27, 2021 07:30,   

Updated August. 27, 2021 07:30


A wild goose that crossed a wide sea alone hesitates, unable to look at a shallow reservoir surrounding a castle. It is scared and careful of everything after a rough and challenging journey. Glancing sidewise, a pair of common kingfishers built a nest on top of the Three Pearl Tree. Even if it is considered to be a sacred tree in a legend, there is a risk of pouring bullets as long as one shows off bright-colored feathers. As people used to say, those in nice clothes are often on the receiving end of finger-pointing and those highly capable are envied by ghosts. The wild goose dreams of flying freely in the high sky once again. Rather than living in splendor and worrying about the arrows of hunters, it decides to take the path of freedom despite some loneliness.

Minister Zhang Jiuling who had the confidence of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang was also the target of people’s jealousy and was soon demoted to a local office. As he truly felt the corruption in the political and bureaucratical circles, he expressed his thoughts in his serial poetry titled “Gan Yu Twelve Poems.” He shares a lesson that all the highs one can experience in the world eventually disappear to nothing by comparing them to common kingfishers’ arrogance and glory. While he scolds obsession for fame and wealth, he also seems to be consoling himself for his isolation.