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Hyundai Glovis establishes marine transportation solution tailored to EV

Hyundai Glovis establishes marine transportation solution tailored to EV

Posted June. 03, 2021 07:28,   

Updated June. 03, 2021 07:28


Hyundai Glovis has established a marine transportation solution tailored to electric vehicle (EV), the first among global shipping companies. Shipping EVs requires extra attention during transportation as their battery cells are mounted under the floor of the car unlike internal combustion vehicles. A possible impact or damage on the vehicle not only reduces the value of the vehicle but also can lead to a safety accident during transportation and even after delivery to consumers.

Taking this into consideration, Hyundai Glovis has developed a shipping standard for EVs and applied it to the site. The company ensured that the word “EV” is written on the shipping reservation document in the case of EV transportation so that workers can prepare for the loading of EVs. By sharing vehicle information, battery charge rate, and shipper’s requirements beforehand, the battery condition and the exterior of EVs can be managed regularly during transportation.

In addition to sharing information acquired during transportation, Hyundai Glovis will provide the shipper with information on the temperature and humidity of the loading deck in the vessel in order to help the shipper set an appropriate battery charge level before shipment. In partnership with the Korea Register of Shipping (KRS), Hyundai Glovis has established a shipping standard tailored to EV transportation and made it mandatory to conduct accident prevention and emergency response training at least four times a year.

Hyundai Glovis shipped about 180,000 EVs last year, accounting for 40 percent of the global EV shipping volume. As EVs are becoming more popular around the world, the demand for EV shipping is expected to grow even further.

Hyung-Seok Seo skytree08@donga.com