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If you can reach my heart

Posted May. 31, 2021 07:21,   

Updated May. 31, 2021 07:21


I had an old doggy named Namu, who is dead now. Walking him, I used to walk backward with one hand grabbing a leash and the other palm spreading behind my back to help him out with his poor vision. I might have looked like a kindergarten teacher who guides a group of children on a field trip. One day, we were strolling through a tranquil trail. Suddenly, I felt as if my palm touched a buttock. To my surprise, I looked back and found that it was a woman’s buttock that I happened to grab out of nowhere. As her eyes were fixated on her mobile, I touched her hips without my knowing that I was coming closer to her while walking backward. She exclaimed in surprise, “Oh, my!” After I apologized to her and we kept on our own way as if nothing had happened. However, this happening brought a lot of thoughts to my mind for so long.

What if I were a man? If she had sued me for sexual harassment, there must have been a slim chance for me to dodge trouble. If I am allowed to defend myself, I would say that I did not know that she stood on my way. Technically saying, it was her buttocks that reached my palm. However, if she had insisted that I touched her hips intentionally with one hand behind my back while making excuses that I was helping my blind doggy, it must have been 100% sure that I got in trouble. Furthermore, there was not any witness on the scene with no security camera at all. This anecdote made me think of those who might have been falsely charged. Probably, there are too many people who have been there.

People tend to believe what they know, see and even imagine. However, it is no different than a sketch of an Agrippa sculpture on the canvas during art class, which is drawn from a fixed perspective. That is why there are too many truths although there is only one fact. I wish if my mind had a zipper on it so that I can unzip to show the inside every time misunderstandings arise.