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Any day  

Posted May. 15, 2021 08:04,   

Updated May. 15, 2021 08:04


Poet Park Mok-wol reminds me of buckwheat jelly because of his poetry titled "Silent Appetite.” Park says that he feels a sudden craving for buckwheat jelly, describing it as a bland, delicately rich, humble and decent dish. When he feels empty and lost at dusk in spring, buckwheat jelly is brought onto his dining table, which well explains why I recall Park Mok-wol and buckwheat jelly when I feel a hole in my heart in late spring.

Park has been said to have a decent and humble ego. Filled with warmth and generosity, his poetry only proves the statement fully right. He must never have been a snobbish boastful intellectual. Whereas a lot of people out there exaggerate what they actually possess, few practice humidity and decency. We tend to forget rarities or simply value them.

I recommend "Any Day” as I would love to see us alike join up with someone priceless. Despite being a poet, Park regards himself as a lousy man who is poor not only at showing who he has got but also at making a living for his family. He does not go the extra mile to pretend to be a better person. He appreciates things as they are with a sense of satisfaction. Although Park, as a member of Cheongrok-pa (the Blue Deer school), being highly commended as a top leading poet representing South Korea just as Kim So-wol in North Korea, he humbly expresses his gratitude with his eyes filled with tears. I cannot but bow to him.  

Park exemplifies what a grown-up is supposed to be like. He only makes me wish to follow into his footsteps while practicing modesty, choosing understanding over reproach and hope over ambition. I wish to be a modest person just like buckwheat jelly.