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Posted May. 01, 2021 07:24,   

Updated May. 01, 2021 07:24


When May comes every year, we’ve got far more vigilant. Around this time, we come to think that the year has passed this much while reviewing our relations with people around us. There are many commemorative days in May including Children’s Day, Parents’ Day and Teachers’ Day, and we have so many things and affairs to take care of. We tend to become more emotional about Parents’ Day than other days. When I think how many more years I will be able to spend with my parents, I feel sad while looking at the beautiful scenery in May. I will feel even more sad and deserted on Parents’ Day if they have passed away.

It is difficult to become good people, and all more difficult to become good parents. So many parents have fulfilled such a difficult mission. Even if they are unknown people in our society, they are unique heroes and legends to their children. If you ask me how great parents are, I will answer they are as great as “reservoir.” If you read the poem “Reservoir” by poet Kwon Jeong-woo, I feel as if this is something that I want to take after, and parents’ mind that I wish to follow.  

When I was in argument with my mother and spoke harshly to her, she just absorbed the words I spit out. When I quarrel with my father, he would not avoid even if he was being hit with such unruly words of defiance. The reservoir the way poet Kwon observed is the same in that it embraces and absorbs everything, however thorny and dark they are. Even if it embraces everything, it does not hurt the things it embraces. Even if it embraces residue that have settled in a shallow spot, it does not overflow. As such, I wish to read the title “Reservoir” as “parents.” I wish to place the names of my own heroes right there. We also want to be the kind of parents like reservoir.