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Posted April. 10, 2021 07:09,   

Updated April. 10, 2021 07:09


Spring begins with blooming flowers. Forsythia signals the beginning and cherry blossoms are like firecrackers that quickly come and go. Next up, azaleas and royal azaleas bloom between April and May. Red flowers will last until the end of spring. Especially for those who love azaleas and royal azaleas, I would like to recommend “Azaleas and Royal Azaleas,” children’s novel written by Kang So-cheon. It is a great work written by the children’s poet.

We often come across people taking pictures of flowers on the streets at this time of the year. No one thinks of picking flowers except for little children. No one dare to break the branches of cherry blossom trees. Instead, people cup their hands together to scoop up the cherry blossom petals on the ground. From those flowers, we learn that love is watching from some distance. From spring, we learn that love is not hurting someone we love.

Flowers, spring, and love. “Flowers” by poet Shin Dal-ja is full of these three words. The poet is watching you, not too close, not too far. Watching someone for a long time means harboring feelings of love for a long time. Love starts with the eyes and moves onto the heart. When the love is in full bloom, the poet calls it a “flower.” At this point, it is meaningless to distinguish whether you are a flower or a flower is you.

Our face light up by watching the flowers grow and bloom. Let us enjoy ourselves to the fullest since they are the blessings of sunlight and spring. If flowers remind you of someone, he or she is your flower and your love. It is something to keep in your eyes and your heart and make it bloom before spring is over.