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A windy day

Posted April. 03, 2021 07:59,   

Updated April. 03, 2021 07:59


As spring approaches, flowers start blossoming. Once they are in full bloom, they start preparing to wither. Within just one month or so, the whole lifespan of flowers unfolds right in front of us from budding to blooming to withering. A closer look at their lifespan does not only come across as a beautiful journey but also sends us a deeply meaningful message that it reminds us of how we navigate our lifetime.

We are interested in peering into others’ lives from a distance but fail to look at the bigger picture of our own. Many of us easily forget the precious moments of budding, blooming days with splendor and the gracefulness of withering. For this reason, Mother Nature may want to remind us that flowers and we humans take the same path throughout a lifetime by showing how spring flowers blossom and fall off.

It is not just me who captures the intentions of Mother Nature. Today's poetry gives us a similar lesson. This explains how wonderfully poetry works out. I sometimes come across the perfect poetry that I can relate to 100 percent as if it were reading my own secret thoughts that have left me lonely and gloomy.

Upon noticing flowers start blossoming, they quickly turn into being in full bloom. Likewise, they are gone as if we had never noticed it even coming. Spring gives a clear view of how seasons change, driving us into a state of sadness and melancholy. The author helps us look back at our life journey as if we watched flowers come and go. As every verse sees through what spring is like, they resonate with us closely and deeply. Lyricism of April is not bound by anything else. Automatically but without our knowing, it comes closer to tell us its own story and fades out. So do flowers, spring and we humans.