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15-year-old autistic writer talks about the beauty of nature

15-year-old autistic writer talks about the beauty of nature

Posted March. 27, 2021 07:18,   

Updated March. 27, 2021 07:18


Dara McAnulty is a 15-year-old naturalist, activist and writer, who is often described as Northern Ireland’s Greta Thunberg. Being autistic, McAnulty was ostracized and bullied at school but he discovered the beauty of the nature and began to examine it. In this book, he talks about his thoughts about the nature, such as the smell of the grass or the movement of animals in his own style. He finds peace and comfort in watching the nature.

Some readers might feel like they are reading someone’s diary written in a quiet and dry tone. Considering the disorder the author has and his age, however, his description of the beauty and greatness of the nature is quite moving. The boy, who has been ostracized for being different from others, chose to embrace everyone like the nature he fell in love with instead of pushing the world away. He gives many insights about the nature and the environment that most people miss easily: “If only we could be connected in the way this oak tree is connected with its ecosystem.”

Those who are tired of this tough world and want to watch someone immerse himself in nature, this book would be worth reading. You might find some insights that will help solve your anguish and even the suffering of the world from his calm words. Dara McAnulty, who used to be a young naturalist in his neighborhood, is developing into an environmental activist.